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(A) Annual Composite School Grant

1) As per UDISE 30-09-2020 for Primary School (765) and Upper Primary Schools(139) of Solan District,Rs.155.65(One Crore Fifty Five Lakhs and Sixty Five Thousand only) is released on dated 22-08-2022 through BRCCs as per list and direction. 

2) For GHS and GSSS on the basis of UDISE+ Data 30-09-2020, GHS(59) and GSSS(130) of Solan District. Rs. 93.45 (Ninety Three Lakhs and Forty Five Thousands only) is released dated 22-08-2022 through BRCCs as per list and       directions. 

(B) Sports & Physical Education Grant

3) As per UDISE 30-09-2020 for Primary School (765@5000) and Upper Primary Schools(139@10000) of Solan District,   Rs. 52.15 (fifty two lakhs and fifteen thousand only) is released on dated 22-08-2022 through BRCCs as per list and direction. 

4) For GHS and GSSS on the basis of UDISE 30-09-2020, GHS(59) and GSSS(130) of Solan District. Rs. 47.25 (Forty seven  lakhs and twenty five thousands only) is released dated 22-08-2022 through BRCCs as per list and directions. 

(C) (i) BRCCs Contingencies

5) For the year 2022-23 BRCCs contingencies Rs.4.50 lacs @Rs. 56,25 for each block is released on dated 17-10-2022.

6) As per AWP&B 2021-22, in r/o district Solan under ISSE for the tune of 4.50 lacs for all blocks@12,500 MTA for       

    each block, MG @ 6,250 for each block,TLM@6,250 and BRCC contingency @ 31,250 released on dated 17/10/2022.

Details of Annual Composite School Grant upto class 12th on the basis of enrolment

Annual Composite grant up to 12th (Pry& Up. Pry, GHS & GSSS)

   (i)   >1<30@10,000

   (ii)  >30<100@25,000

   (iii) >100<250@50,000

   (iv)  >250<1000@75,000

    (v)  >1000@100,000

  (ii) CRCCs Contingencies

1) As per AWP&B 2022-23, in r/o district Solan under ISSE for primary clusters for all blocks@5,903 contingency for each cluster, MG @ 5,903 for each cluster, M&TA@7,085 , Mobility Sport @590, Furniture/Computer(Only for 28 schools) @10,000 and TLM@1,771 released on dated 27/12/2022.

Upper primary level  for all blocks, contingency@5.903 for each Sr. Sec. Schools- MG@5,903, M&TA@7,085, TLM @1,771, Mobility sport@590 and Furniture/Computer@10,000 (only for 15 schools) released on dated 27/12/2022

Details of Sports and Physical Education Grant upto class 12th

Sports and Physical Education Grant upto 12th

    (i) Primary School @ Rs. 5000/

    (ii) Middle School @ 10000/

    (iii) GHS and GSSS @ Rs.25000/

 (D) Instructions: 

  Composite school grant will be utilized as below:

  • Replacement of non-functional School equipment’s and for incurring costs such as consumables.

  • Maintenance and repair of existing school buildings toilets and other facility to keep up the infrastructure in good condition.

  • To promote Swachh Bharat Campaign.

  • Must involve elements of community contribution

  • Laboratories materials.

  • Electricity, internet, water charges, and news periodicals.

  • Teaching aid material.

  • Guidelines for using composite school grant in view of Covid -19 situation.

  • The entire school management will ensuring safety and security if all school students.

  • In the year 2020-21 covid-19 pandemic has caused an unpresented public health emergency affecting 210 country and territories globally. The spread covid-19 has imposed national lock down leading to nationwide closer of the educational institutes. Precautions are necessary to protect students and educational facilities form the potential spread of covid-19 in the school environment. The funding provided for various components under Samagra Shiksha may be utilized to deal with the current situation.

  • Provision of basic facilities like hand wash, Soap. Hand sanitizer, chlorine solution, disinfection and cleaning material in the school. 

  • Note:- Including 10% for Swachhata ActionPlan and Covid-19 under Composite grant


  Sports and physical education grant will be utilized for meeting expenses for procuring sports equipment for indoor and             

   outdoor   games. Play material, games, sports equipment (as per list attached)

  • Funds will be utilized after observing all codal formalities at your end.

  • Transaction of funds may be routed through resolution register of SMC.

  • It will be the responsibility of the head to utilize the timely and transparently.

  • BRCC’s will be responsible for BRCC’s office level grants.

  • CRCC’s will be responsible for CRCC’s office level grants.

(E) SLDP (School Leadership Development Programme)-Heads Training (10+2+2+2=16 days)

The studies across the world  reveal that leading and managing the learning and teaching by the head of the school makes the real difference in the improvement of learning outcomes of the students. The output of the an institution depends on the management skills and leadership quality of its head. He/she is the person who makes the difference. School heads play the main role in the functioning of the school. He/she  needs training because

  • must know how his/her teachers are trained.

  • how best the training impact can be transformed to classroom.

  • what kind of support his/her teachers need.

  • what help he/she can provide in the present circumstances.

  • what is the feedback and how it can be improve  

During the training/workshop for school heads: - Sharing the finding of various reports, NCF for school leadership, development vision statement for the school, situational analysis of school, working on e-SDP, leadership qualities and style of leadership, effective communication skills and influencing skills, Blooms Taxonomy, effective learning methodology, change management and time management etc.

This type of workshop/training for school heads i.e Principals/Headmasters/CHTs was organized at DIET Solan from time to time as per the direction and instruction received from the SPD office Shimla.

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