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Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) in School Education

The Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in school” was launched in 2004 and revised in 2010 to provide opportunities to secondary stage students to
develop ICT skills . It aims to set up SMART schools to act as “Technology Demonstrators” and to
lead in propagating ICT skills among students. The Department of Higher Education in Himachal
Pradesh intends to implement Information and Communication Technology (ICT), as an initiative to
use ICT tools to enhance the skill levels for inculcating knowledge and skills appropriate for the
twenty first century in young students.

Following is the phase wise detail of

ICT phase-I was started in 2008-09 in state and 628 Senior Secondary Schools were covered in this
phase. In district Solan 42 Sr. Sec. Schools were selected in first phase. In first phase students from
class IX-XII were taught by their respective subject teachers effectively by using ICT lab as the
Computer-Aided learning tool.

lakhs per school under recurring and non recurring ICT Secondary Head respectively for 105 schools
Similarly, 105 school were covered in ICT Phase-2 and 29 schools were covered under Boot Model in ICT Phase-3,


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