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Teachers Training Intervention

To impart training to the teachers of Senior Secondary, Secondary and Primary teachers. The main motive is to emphasis on creativity and hands on.

Following programs are in progress-

  • Nishtha Sec 2.0 training program is in progress for TGT's, LT's and all Heads.

  • Nishthta 3.0 for Primary teachers and Heads in progress

  • All teachers of Middle Maths and Science all blocks of Solan District has been trained collaboration with Aavishkaar NGO Palampur.

  • Proposed 4 Middle Maths and Science teachers from each block of Solan District has been nominated for year long training with Aavishkaar NGO.

  • Proposed Training for Middle Maths and Science students of Solan District with Aavishkaar NGO.

  • Teachers training of Middle and High School Science teachers with 'Joy of Learning' Foundation is in progress.

  • 4 best innovative and creative teachers has been nominated to exhibit their eTLM with Aurobindo Society.

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